Coronavirus pandemic: Helping families in the United States get through this

Coronavirus pandemic: Helping families in the United States get through this

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The coronavirus pandemic has provided a stark reminder of our shared humanity, common interests and joint responsibilities. No country, rich or poor, is immune to the devastation in the wake of COVID-19. No country can defeat a virus ‘that knows no borders’ by acting alone.

The pandemic’s impact on children and families across America is unprecedented. Millions of children in under-resourced communities are facing greater risks than ever before to their education, well-being and emotional health due to the pandemic. As of this writing, 94% of schools in the U.S. are closed. Early childhood education programs have also shut down. As schools shift to online and distance learning, there is a disproportionate impact on children in under-resourced rural communities, including learning loss and a widening opportunity gap.

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Many children are also missing the nutritious breakfasts, lunches and even dinners that their schools provide, and that are an essential part of their diet. Each day in the U.S., some 30 million children rely on free- or reduced-priced meals served at school. Compounding an already difficult situation, many families must cope with multiple risk factors, such as food insecurity, teenage parents, unemployment, substance abuse and depression. At the same time working caregivers from low-income families often have jobs that cannot be done remotely and do not offer paid leave or sick days.

We must act now to protect children and their families!

Atlantik-Brücke joins forces with Save the Children by setting up a fund to help children and their families in the United Staates during the current COVID-19 crisis. Your contribution, pooled with other resources, will provide the crucial flexibility required to sustain and scale up Save the Children's national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need you to help us reach children and families now!

"Nobody can get through this crisis alone. That's why we help our friends. The US has stood by us in many difficult situations. Our donations can't compensate for that. But we can send a signal of solidarity and together we can ease the suffering a little."

Former Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke

Our COVID-19 Response Ramps up in the U.S.

Save the Children is a strong presence in some +200 of America's least served and most remote rural communities. Our longstanding work give us the capacity to move quickly to support children and families struggling to cope with extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Save the Children Staff Member distributing school meals and books to children. Providing resources for learning at home
We are distributing books, at-home learning supplies (paper, pencils and art supplies), educational resources (learning games, puzzles and workbooks). We are providing small grants for those among our partner schools struggling to keep up with the demand for printing and distributing learning packets for children, or who can procure materials and supplies locally. By breaking through these barriers, we are making sure children in isolated areas continue to learn.

Addressing food insecurity
We are working to ensure that schools and communities have continuing access to food during school closures. Through federal reimbursements, schools are receiving funds for the meals they typically provide, but the distribution and transportation of that food is not covered. We are providing grants to school districts to cover the costs of fuel, transportation and labor to ensure that school feeding programs stay open and available to all children, including those in the most high-need areas.

Donation fund from Die Atlantik-Brücke and Save the Children

Atlantik-Brücke and Save the Children thank you for your support! Donation account: Bank for Social Economy - IBAN: DE92100205000003292912 – BIC: BFSWDE33BER – Keyword: Atlantik-Brücke

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