A merry Christmas for Children!

A merry Christmas for Children!

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This year at TCPOS - Zucchetti Group, we would like to share the joy of Christmas with children and their families in need. Together with our employees and partners all over the world, we support the children's rights organisation Save the Children.

Our charitable initiative 2018: Make the world better with a sweater!
For each TCPOS - Zucchetti Group employee who will wear a Christmas jumper on the Christmas jumper day (December 14th), TCPOS - Zucchetti Group will donate CHF 20, aiding the most deprived children worldwide.

Join us in this wonderful initiative, and make your own contribution:
Support children today, to give them a better tomorrow.
Every donation makes a real difference!
Imagine this: 25 CHF pays for example the antibiotics necessary to treat 30 children suffering from pneumonia, one of the biggest causes for children’s deaths.

150 CHF funds for example the training of a mid-wife to provide lifesaving support to mothers and their new-borns in remote areas who have no access to health facilities.

250 CHF allows for example to build a temporary classroom for 200 children after an earthquake destroyed their homes and schools. This gives them the opportunity to attend school and brings back a sense of normality into their lives.

TCPOS – Zucchetti Group

We at TCPOS – Zucchetti Group believe that every child should be able to take their future into their own hands. Therefore, we partner with Save the Children to help children all over the world make a better start in life.

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